Chris Hansen Was Caught On Tape

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If you like underage pussy and To Catch A Predator‘s Chris Hansen has cockblocked you on national television, this might be good news. Hansen was caught on tape cheating on his 53-year old wife with, Kristyn Caddell (this chick), a 30-year-old Florida news reporter and former NBC intern. National Enquirer reports:

Investigative star Chris Hansen – best known for exposing Internet sex perverts on “TO CATCH A PREDATOR” – has been caught in his own cheating scandal with a sexy blonde young enough to be his daughter! For nearly four months, sources say, the handsome father of two has been cheating on his wife with Kristyn Caddell, a news anchor at NBC affili­ate WPTV in West Palm Beach, Fla. Hansen and his wife, Mary, 53, live togeth­er in Connecticut and have two sons, but that didn’t stop the “To Catch a Predator” star from being caught in his own web of deceit, say sources.

To be honest, before I actually read the details of this story, I had a whole post written already. Then I realized his wife is 53 and his side piece is 30. The only thing shocking about this story is that the video hasn’t been released sooner. You know, like 13 years ago. I mean, his wife is 53. Her vagina is probably scabbed over.