James Blunt Made A Nazi Joke. 6,000 People Whined.

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The Holocaust started in the late 1930’s. James Blunt made a Nazi joke this weekend. Too soon? New York Daily News reports:

The “You’re Beautiful” singer, 37, posted a picture of himself to Facebook in which he posed outside a rundown building near former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. He captioned the photo, “Uh this is my hotel in Poland.” The post enraged thousands of fans who blasted him in nearly 6,000 comments left below the controversial photo.According to the Daily Mail, however, it wasn’t Blunt’s reference to the death camp where millions were executed that seemed to upset residents near that area. Instead, locals were angered and insulted by Blunt’s implication that the country was living in a backwards time. In reality, Blunt is not staying at the building shown in the picture but at a five-star hotel called Niebieski Art Hotel and Spa. Despite sparking outrage, the photo remains on the singer’s Facebook page. He has yet to comment about the post.

Far be it from me to give James Blunt credit for anything, but the picture is still up and apparently he doesn’t give a fuck. And really, why should he? If the building upsets you that bad, tear it down. And why don’t the Jews get blamed for their part in the Holocaust? The whole thing could have been avoided if they would have learned how to make a gun out of a pile of diamonds and a violin.