Sen. John McGee Had A Great Weekend

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Although he didn’t do something as damaging to our national security as tweeting his cock to an underage chick, 2006 Idaho State Republican Legislator of the Year and member of the Idaho Senate, John McGee did get drunk this weekend and steal an SUV. Good times, bro. Idaho Reporter says:

Sen. John McGee, R-Caldwell, was arrested for drunken driving and grand theft early Sunday morning. He is currently being held in the Ada County jail. According to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, McGee started the eventful night Saturday drinking in a golf course clubhouse. McGee left the clubhouse and began walking before coming to a Ford Excursion with a trailer hooked up. The SUV was unlocked with the keys inside. McGee got inside and drove away. At some point, McGee tried turning the vehicle and trailer around in a driveway near Overland and Victory in Boise. McGee was unsuccessful at turning around and the Excursion and trailer jack-knifed. McGee then exited the vehicle and walked back and forth a few times before climbing back in and going to sleep. Two witnesses in a nearby house were watching all of the events transpire and called police. When police arrived McGee told authorities he was on his way to Jackpot.

I had a whole paragraph written about how awesome this is, but that was until I got back from lunch. To be honest, Ryan Dunn did this stunt way better.