Anthony Weiner Checked Into A Psychological Treatment Center

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Because there’s huge pressure on Weiner, the disgraced(?) Representative from New York has decided to enter a psychological treatment center. Because if you’re a man and you try to bang all the tail you can then obviously you have a mental disorder. New York Times reports:

Defying forceful demands for his resignation, Representative Anthony D. Weiner of New York said on Saturday that he was entering a psychological treatment center and seeking a leave of absence from the House to deal with a pattern of reckless online behavior with women. Pressure on Mr. Weiner to leave the House, and spare the Democratic Party from an increasingly embarrassing scandal, had been building all week, but intensified on Friday, after it was revealed that Mr. Weiner had traded private messages with a 17-year-old girl in Delaware.

And since she’s upset that nobody would ever show them their dick, Nancy Pelosi has inserted Weiner into her typical sanctimonious ramblings:

The House Democratic leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, spoke to Mr. Weiner on the phone Saturday morning and, notably, released her statement calling for his resignation after he told her of his plan to get treatment and to take the leave. Ms. Pelosi had hoped that the congressman would reach the decision on his own to go. In addition to her concerns about the political distraction Mr. Weiner had become, Ms. Pelosi concluded that his behavior required medical intervention. “When you are this self-destructive, there is obviously something deeper going on with you,” said a Pelosi adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being seen as betraying her confidence.

Instead of calculated damage control that is more about appeasing his constituents and peers and portraying a semblance of remorse, can’t he just come out and say, “Look, I’m tired of fucking my wife so I get on Twitter and send chicks pics of my cock so hopefully one of them will want to suck it because if I have to keep fucking this bitch for my whole life I might blow my brains out. Any questions?” Is he frightfully stupid? Oh, hell yes. Does he have some deep seated emotional issues? Probably not. Does he like to jack off in the shower when a Jewish girl says she gives good head? Uh, yes apparently.