Jack White Is Having A Divorce Party

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Of course he is. He’s so cutting edge! From Yahoo Music:

For rocker Jack White and his model wife Karen Elson, parting is such a sweet party! The couple said they plan a celebration on Friday night in Nashville, Tennessee, in honor of their pending divorce, which they also announced on Friday. An invitation posted online said the get-together will mark White and Elson’s “6th anniversary and their upcoming divorce with a positive swing bang hum dinger.” “The party will include dancing, photos, memories and drinks with alcohol in them. This is only for close personal friends and family so please no plus ones or dead beats,” the invitation said. White and Elson, who were married in June 2005, have two children together, Scarlett and Henry Lee. “We feel so fortunate for the time we have shared and the time we will continue to spend both separately and together watching our children grow,” the couple said in a statement. They did not say whey they were splitting up. A photo accompanying the invitation shows White in a Western-style hat and a jacket with skeletal images of bones on it, and Elson hugging him from behind.

Todd liked this idea because he said it seems really mature. I like this idea because when you’re married to someone who looks like Michael Jackson’s reanimated corpse, divorce seems like a pretty sweet release. And it’s a lot less messy than aiming for the head.