Johnny Depp Is Making You All Look Bad, Pt. 5,284

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Johnny Depp has every excuse in the world to be a self-absorbed asshole who thinks people should be shot in the face if they look him directly in the eye, but as a million examples prove, he’s quite possibly the most down-to-earth and evolved person in Hollywood. Daily Star reports:

Hollywood big-shot Johnny, who is currently shooting his new film Dark Shadows on our shores, left a £700 tip for waitresses and bar staff at a pub in Berkshire. We’re told: “Johnny is staying at the five-star country manor house estate Coworth Park in Ascot. “Instead of choosing from the four hotel restaurants, including one which is Michelin-starred, he decided to hang out at a nearby pub with the locals. “Johnny chose to have dinner and drinks in the Thatched Tavern pub a mile-and-a-half up the road from his hotel. “On the first night he left a £300 tip for pub staff, followed by £400 the night after.”

If this Yahoo! Finance currency converter is correct, Depp went to a pub for two nights and left $1,144.00 in tips. When asked for comment, Lindsay Lohan said, “They hiring? I mean, a thousand dollars, that’s like what? A million crack rocks?”.