Christine Teigen Is Good At Twitter

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I’m gonna lie for a second and say Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are really great friends of mine (remember that table I got you at Tobacco Road? BFFs do that). Now that’s out of the way, besides her mutant power to accurately predict earthquakes before they happen and being a total sweetheart who emailed me asking how I was after SIXTY-TWO tornadoes hit NC this weekend, Chrissy Teigen is by far the funniest person I follow on Twitter. I mean, like it’s not even close. So for her 10,000 tweet, she celebrated by posting the banner pic. I don’t know. Maybe I should have paid more attention to my piano teacher as a kid. But damn, bitch! How many times do I have to play “Chopsticks”?! Seriously, am I playing piano or typing?! I hate you!!