Glee To Cover Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

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I mean, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters are no Rebecca Black, so I guess Glee showed them! Haha, take that, Dave Grohl! Time reports:

Did we get it stuck in your head again? It’s already been parodied by Stephen Colbert, but now Rebecca Black’s “Friday” will be singing its way straight into Glee. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the original video. What matters is if you like Glee. Still, if you’ve got an aversion to the song, keep your eyes peeled for the prom episode, where the song is slated to debut.

Let’s skip over the fact that Rebecca Black was funny a month ago, let’s focus on the fact that with every vindictive and sanctimonious breath Ryan Murphy and Perez make about this stupid show, they preach that Glee is about music education and exposing kids to real music. So, that’s why they do cabaret versions of Cher, REO Speedwagon, Britney Spears, and Rihanna. You know, real music. And now they plan to cover Rebecca Black. This of course is in no way meant to be seen as a way to cash in on a recent Internet phenomenon with a shitty song. Or Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products plans for a line of Glee–related merchandise including games, electrical products, greeting cards, apparel and stationery. Or Macy’s planned line of Glee–related clothing. Or Claire’s stocking Glee accessories (all of which are true, btw). No, it’s about exposing kids to music and fighting ignorance in music education. Oh, and making a shitload of money. Let’s not forget the shitload of money part.