Justin Bieber Is Gonna Get Us All Killed

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Since things in the Middle East aren’t bad enough, Justin Bieber has caused a political fiasco by refusing to visit with young victims of Palestinian rocket attacks. In turn, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his meeting with Bieber. Awesome. New York Times reports:

The teenage pop idol Justin Bieber became embroiled in a diplomatic imbroglio on Tuesday when it emerged that plans for a meeting between the singer and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel had been called off, with the sides differing over why. Mr. Bieber, who was discovered on YouTube and is famous for hits like “Baby,” is in Israel for an outdoor concert on Thursday night. A spokesman for Mr. Netanyahu said that his office had been approached with the idea of a meeting, and that the prime minister had been “open to that.” The prime minister’s office then suggested including children from communities in southern Israel that have been under intense rocket fire from Gaza in recent days. “Sadly,” the spokesman said, “that proved impossible,” suggesting that Mr. Bieber’s representatives had turned down the idea of including the children…A spokesman for Mr. Bieber said, “Justin welcomes the chance to meet with kids facing difficult circumstances, regardless of their background, and in fact, he had already invited children from the Sderot area,” referring to the Israeli town near the Gaza border, to attend his concert in Tel Aviv on Thursday…Mr. Bieber’s representatives said that the last clause had nothing to do with Mr. Netanyahu. Last Thursday, a 16-year-old Israeli boy was critically wounded by an antitank missile fired by Hamas militants from Gaza at a school bus in Israel. That triggered days of intense exchanges of fire, during which 18 Palestinians, about half of them civilians, were killed. Some international artists, like Elvis Costello and the Pixies, have refused to perform in Israel for political reasons in recent years, adding to the Israelis’ sense of isolation

Look, I’m not one to stereotype or to make sweeping generalizations, and because that’s not true, let me just say that if the entire Middle East was wiped off the face of the Earth today, I’d be okay with that. And yes, I know that Islam is a religion of peace. You know, that is until you disagree with them then they’ll blow up a school or pour acid in a woman’s face. Maybe I don’t know the definition of “holy”, but I don’t see anything holy going on over there. But since they’ll be there until they finally kill each other off, we don’t need some teen wigger in a shiny hoody over there fucking shit up even more. If you want to perform in front of a bunch of Jews, go play a show at Auschwitz or the Federal Reserve.