Charlie Sheen Is A Wonderful Human Being

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Charlie Sheen‘s desperate grab for cash, the “Violent Torpedo of Cracked Out Paranoia and Narcissistic Asshole” tour, hit Cleveland last night, and you’re not gonna believe what happened. Well, you probably can. Mostly because Sheen beats, assaults, stalks, or tries to kill every woman he comes in contact with. But since Denise Richards left the relationship physically unscathed, Sheen is a petulant, spoiled child who shits in the face of the one person who still generally cares for his well-being. NY Post reports:

Charlie Sheen used the Cleveland leg of his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour to blast ex-wife Denise Richards. About a half-hour into the 90-minute show on Tuesday, the warlock wannabe had the crowd of 3,200 at the State Theater chanting, “[Bleep] that bitch!” Richards — the mother of Sheen’s two young daughters — has for years quietly steered clear of blasting him in public for any of his antics. She even downplayed his drunken Plaza hotel porn star rampage last fall when she and their two girls were sleeping in a room across the hall. Her rep declined to comment yesterday.

Please keep in mind that even though she has every reason in the world to do so, Denise Richards has never blasted Sheen in the media. Ever. Not once (unless of course you count her reality show). Because she probably knows that if you give a person enough rope, they’ll eventually hang themselves. Since their divorce, Richards has bent over backwards to be accommodating to this lunatic and this is what happens. She has carried herself with grace and dignity through this whole ordeal, while he is under the delusion that the world owes him something while he does blow off two busted whores I’d turn away at a house party. Fuck him. Somebody should take a machete the length of his aorta then have a tiger standing by to give him a transfusion. That should work. Afterall, I don’t want to kill him. Just scare him a little bit.