Ryan Kwanten Is A Hero

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Ryan Kwanten, plays the dumb ass hick with the heart of gold, Jason Stackhouse, on the brilliant True Blood, but in real life he’s Australian and helps random strangers who are in the road bleeding. Us Magazine reports:

True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten helped save a bloody, injured man on a Hollywood street on Friday night…”There was a bloody guy lying in the middle of the street at Hollywood and Highland and no one was doing anything,” a witness tells the website. Driving by in his car, Kwanten, 34, “pulled up, saw the man down, jumped out of his car, and raced over to see if he could help.” The Australian actor then quickly called upon some other folks on the scene to move the injured man to the sidewalk. “He stayed there watching him until paramedics arrived,” the witness continued. Although a gathering crowd recognized Kwanten from HBO’s smash vampire show, “he was just making sure this guy was okay,” added the observer.

Oh, whatever. Why, just yesterday I saw a woman in a wheelchair trying to roll over a curb in Cameron Village and I did that thing where I leaned and squinted trying to help her up with my mind. And it totally worked! Haha, what now, Ryan?!

RE: Banner Pic – You’re welcome ladies and dudes who wear capris!