Chris Brown’s Publicist Quit

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Tammy Brook, Chris Brown’s publicist, must be some sort of atheist and racist who works undercover for the biased, evil media, because she felt the need to quit. Page Six reports:

Chris Brown lost his marbles on “GMA,” and now the hot-headed singer has lost his publicist. We hear that Brown’s spokeswoman, Tammy Brook, will no longer be representing him after the star trashed his GMA dressing room, smashed a window and left without his shirt from the morning talk show earlier this week. Sources close to the star tell us she and Brown have decided to end their relationship following his meltdown on “GMA.” Brook couldn’t be reached last night.

Man, a woman who would rather get unemployment than be around a psychotic woman beater. I think we can all agree that’s what just happened. I mean, she’d be better off representing an empty Coke can right now. At least the Coke can won’t punch her in the mouth when the maid doesn’t fold his socks in the special way he likes.

Jay Smooth has been one of my heroes for a while. This is one of the reasons why:

Pic source = Wenn