Vanessa Hudgens Contacted The FBI

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Yeah, sooo…I’m glad I didn’t post those pics. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources confirm with TMZ … it was none other than the FBI that met with Vanessa Hudgens yesterday about the nude photos that were hacked from her Gmail account. The FBI went to Vanessa’s lawyer’s office to meet with her in Century City, CA. The meeting lasted more than an hour and agents got info that we’re told leads to one individual who may have hacked 50 A-list celebs. We’re told Scarlett Johansson was hacked by the same individual, who leads a ring of hackers.

I got a takedown notice from her lawyers last night from pics we posted over TWO YEARS AGO, so it looks like they’re serious about this whole thing. But once something hits the Internet, well…it’s there to stay. No matter how many threatening emails you send. Trust me. That picture of me dressed as Peter Pan and riding a pink pony was meant for the girl I’m seeing not for you perverts!

UPDATE: Teenage girls are pure evil.