Who Wants This? – UPDATE

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UPDATE: Due to the emails I received AFTER the previous deadline, I have reopened this contest with the new deadline below to keep it fair. What’s the deal? You expect me to babysit you people? What am I, your mother?!

In the first ever IDLYITW Contest Giveaway, musician, actor, and recording artist, John Legend has agreed to let us give an autographed copy of his kick ass Grammy-nominated album, Wake Up!, away on this site. Since his girlfriend, Christine Teigen, has such good tastes in celebrity gossip sites, John and I were introduced and started a Twitter bromance unlike the world has ever known. So since I begged to exploit this new found friendship, I now have a prize to share with you, the readers. Because that’s what I’m really about, my friends. All joking aside, the CD is brilliant. I’d like to extend a special thank you to John Legend for his generosity.


Simple. To enter, please take a pic of you with your copy of Wake Up! and send it to [email protected] I am the sole judge, so creativity is what you should be going for here. If your pic wins, I will reply asking for your name and mailing address so I can send your prize to you. I’ll even pay shipping! The contest ends February 10, 2011, so hurry the hell up. Thanks.