Charlie Sheen’s Parents Want A Conservatorship

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Charlie Sheen is a depraved lunatic who cares nothing about himself, his kids, or those around him; content on shoveling blow and beating up women. You’d think at 45, he’s know that might not be cool. Apparently not. Good thing his parents do. RadarOnline reports:

A source tells us: “Charlie looks awful… he is very, very depressed and feels like the world is going against him. Charlie’s parents are discussing getting a conservatorship of their son. Martin and Janet know that it’s highly unlikely their petition would be granted, but they are trying to do whatever possible to save Charlie’s life.” As in the case of Britney Spears, a conversationship would give family member(s) control over his personal affairs and vast estate. Charlie’s health is also cause for concern. The source tells us: “Charlie is coughing a lot, and he doesn’t seem to care what he is doing to his body… Charlie truly thinks he is invincible, and that he can do as much drugs as possible with no ramifications.” As previously reported, the Two and a Half Men star, 45, is refusing to enter rehab after yet another coked-up bender with porn stars and is holed up at his mansion in Los Angeles. Martin Sheen recognizes “that Charlie isn’t rehabbing at home. That term just doesn’t exist. Charlie is calling the shots, he hasn’t surrendered to sobriety, and until that happens, this cycle won’t end. Charlie is absolutely refusing to go to rehab. He is a 45 year old man, and no one can force him to go. That is why his parents are exploring what legal options they have if any to save his life,” the insider told us.

Whatever. Fuck him. He’s a grown man. If he can’t get his shit together, they should see how this whole coughing thing plays out.

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