Charlie Sheen Is All Good

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Let a man live. Radar Online says:

Charlie Sheen has spoken out for the first time since his wild party with porn stars that landed him in the hospital.

“I’m fine,” Sheen told RadarOnline’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard via text message on Friday afternoon around the same time it was announced he was checking into rehab.

“People don’t seem to get it…. Guy can’t have a great time and do his job also?”

The Two and a Half Men star finished the text with a characterization of his detractors: “Bunch of turds.”

It’s not clear who Sheen was referring to, although revealed his father Martin was the one who convinced his son to seek help, along with his employer CBS which said in a statement it was “profoundly concerned for his health and well-being.”

The network announced its hit sitcom is going on production hiatus while the $2 million an episode star seeks help.

Sheen’s exchange with also draws into question an earlier statement, from his rep, that suggested he “voluntarily entered” an undisclosed rehabilitation center.

Of course Charlie Sheen didn’t “voluntarily” go to rehab. The man is a professional. The only things Charlie Sheen would voluntarily seek help for are finding his lost briefcase or Vivid Rolodex. Charlie Sheen’s biggest problem is only having two hands for all the high-fives he should be getting.

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