Zac Efron Stopped Shaving

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Our boy is back to bearding. Page Six reports:

Zac Efron has reunited with his ex, Vanessa Hudgens. They split in December, and Efron was then linked to Rumer Willis. But he and Hudgens arrived together at the opening of Hollywood hot spot Eden on Friday night. Spies said Hudgens, in a tight black dress, and Efron “were inseparable all night, dancing, drinking vodka and canoodling.”

Zac Efron wears more makeup than RuPaul and went from a conveniently documented relationship with his Disney costar to potentially banging some chick who looks like a supporting character in Toy Story, then back. Is he back in the closet? Did he get temporarily blinded after a rent boy maced him? Or did Vanessa finally return his Body Shop Passionfruit lip gloss and make amends? And will The Bachelor really find love this season, or is he just out for a taste of fame? God. I just don’t know what to believe anymore.