Montel Williams Loves Weed

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Since marijuana is a gateway drug and anybody who uses it is a violent criminal who can’t possibly function in society, airport security in Milwaukee found a pipe on Montel Williams. He paid a fine and was released. This makes the second time Williams has been cited for carrying drug paraphernalia. (Breaking news: I like this guy). Radar Online reports:

Former talk show host Montel Williams was cited Tuesday for possession of drug paraphernalia in Wisconsin, has learned. The Milwaukee County sheriff’s office says the Transportation Security Administration found Williams had a pipe commonly used for marijuana as he passed through a security checkpoint at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. Williams, 54, has said he uses marijuana to relieve chronic pain caused by multiple sclerosis that was diagnosed in 1999. The sheriff’s office says Williams paid the $484 citation and was allowed to continue his trip.

Unlike most wars, when you capture your enemy, he can’t just cut you a check a be on his way. But apparently the war on drugs is different. That’s because marijuana should be legal and everyone knows it. Common sense and the government knows it, but if it were, Conservatives and religious nuts would try to rent a space shuttle to go kidnap Jesus so he’d come back sooner and rid the world of all the evil doers who just ordered a pizza. In the meantime, the government is content to make their money off it any way they can. Specifically, charging $484 for the right to carry a pipe on you. It all boils down t…wait, isn’t there supposed to be a joke in here somewhere? I’m typing but nothing’s happening. I thought this was supposed to be a comedy site? It is right? I mean, I thin….oh God…oh God what’s happening?!!