SoCal Glamour Girls Are Friendly

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Since I can’t afford to hire strippers or place ads on Craigslist to have chicks pose with the site’s name written on them, I have to rely on the unsolicited kindness of strangers with nice tits to help me out. Specifically Skyler Steele from SoCal Glamour Girls.

Busty redhead Skyler Steele sends some sexy Holiday love to the awesome guys that run the sexy celebrity website IDLYITW. If you are looking for sexy celebrity gossip and paparazzi photos, check them out!

You can see the rest of the pics here, but to be honest, Skyler looks a little bored and uninterested. Just like how I picture her if we ever had sex. Good thing that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Note: Thanks to Kat from SoCal for sending in this email and for knowing IDLYITW exists.