Last Train To Paris Is Setting The World On Fire

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Beautiful. Sexy. Easy as 1-2-3. Splash News reports:

This is the dramatic moment a scantily-clad woman’s hair catches fire at a party thrown by Diddy. The beauty was in a bath at the party the rapper was posting live online via Ustream to help promote his new album Last Train To Paris. At one point the woman leans back, accidentally dangling her hair in a candle – and initially seems oblivious as the flames burst out of her hair. Friends swarm her and help her put it out as the camera cuts away. Diddy later told party-goers: “The Fire Department just left upstairs. It’s crazy, but everything is under control.”

When I get on Twitter, every other thing I see is Diddy literally begging people to talk about his new album. So congrats, Diddy! I am!