Nicolas Cage Is Insane

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For some strange reason Nicolas Cage is in Bucharest, Romania, and that strange reason is to film the sequel to Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Possibly having read that last sentence, Cage completely lost his shit outside a nightclub. National Enquirer reports:

The incident was caught on a mobile device by a passer-by and the tirade was then broadcast on local TV – translated into Romanian for all to understand what sent Cage into an unbridled stream of BLEEP-laden obscenity. “Get in that car and walk away. I’ll fucking die because of honor. I’ll fucking die right now,’ Cage screams in the video. What set off the thesp’s rage is unknown, but in the video it appears his anger is directed towards a man and two women, who all attempt to calm him down. Cage’s security then tries to extricate the explosive star away from the scene but to no avail, as Cage violently pulls away, screaming, “Don’t touch me you little bitch!’ It appears as if Cage’s done when he’s breaks free and returns to confront whoever it was that offended Nicolas as he points two fingers in his eyes in a Robert DeNiro gesture ranting: “See my eyes – respect them as you’d respect me!”

If you already didn’t know that most actors are narcissistic freakazoids with no concept of reality, watch this video of Nicolas Cage. I’m literally surprised that he didn’t hold out his hand and fully expect a fireball to appear.