Nicole Richie May Be Overestimating This

Via Page Six:

There was frantic negotiating to land Nicole Richie a $100,000 exclusive magazine deal ahead of her big wedding to Joel Madden today. Reps for Richie — who recently took a photographer to court to protect her and her children’s privacy — were as late as yesterday “playing the weekly magazines against each other to drive up the price,” an insider said. Sources tell us that the reps for Richie, who said she planned to give the money to charity, had agreed to an OK! bid earlier in the week to make her a “cover chip” — a less important story referenced with a small photo on the front page — but then went to People to negotiate a full cover.

Nicole Richie is famous because she’s the daughter of a Commodore with a Jheri curl and used to be the fat friend of someone with herpes. She got more famous when she lost weight and gained a few DUIs. Now that all she does is pop out babies and dress like it’s 1968, I don’t see her moving that many issues now that Elizabeth Edwards is dead, Miley has a bong, and a camel fell down in the same week.

Dita Von Teese is also famous for marrying a talentless mall goth, but there are two big differences between her and Nicole Richie. You can see what they are if you click the banner photo. NSFW if your boss has good eyes, because a few of these show nips that could cut glass.