Pauly D Is Very Popular

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If you think going to college will make your kid smarter, it won’t. Radar Online reports:

A mob scene broke out at the University of Rhode Island Thursday, where Jersey Shore’s resident record spinner Pauly D was visiting a pal, as more than 1,000 students flocked to and surrounded the building the MTV star was in, within a matter of minutes. Students quickly crowded the building Pauly D – a native son of The Ocean State – was in, as word of his presence on campus went viral through Facebook. The stampede of students eventually caused police to be summoned for crowd control purposes, according to the school.

This dude looks like the Slim Jim guy and a villain from Lazy Town jerked off in some marinara sauce then it was placed in an unfertilized egg in a tanning bed to incubate. So yeah, this video makes sense.