Two Of The Gosselin Kids Got Expelled From School

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When you whore out your kids you had through the miracle of science for fame and fortune, you might need ACORN to help you get votes for Mother Of The Year. Huffington Post reports:

Two of the Gosselin sextuplets have been expelled from their Pennsylvania private school, In Touch Weekly reports. Alexis and Collin, age 6, are reportedly being home-schooled after getting kicked out for “rage issues.” “They’ve fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids,” a source told the magazine. Jon Gosselin recently lashed out at Kate for continuing to keep the kids on television, claiming the show has given them behavioral and emotional problems–and the In Touch report suggests their filming schedule has caused trouble at school. “Collin had such bad issues that he refused to get his picture taken at school because he’s tired of being on-camera,” the source said. A source close to the situation didn’t explicitly confirm the expulsion but told the New York Post that Kate’s “number one concern is protecting her children and is keeping this personal situation as a private matter that she works out with her kids.”

I really hope this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone. Kate Gosselin is a cunt and Jon Gosselin is a fat Korean dude in an Ed Hardy shirt. These kids would have had a better chance of turning out normal if they would have been raised with Jaycee Dugard.