Carrie Prejean Is Pregnant

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Former Miss California and victim of heterophobic bullies and the fag hags who love them because she honestly answered a loaded question designed to push an agenda to a nationally televised audience, Carrie Prejean, is pregnant with her first child. You know, the way that doesn’t include science or an adoption agency TMZ reports:

Multiple sources tell TMZ the former Miss CA USA — who legally married NFL QB Kyle Boller in July — is now pregnant with the couple’s first child. We are told she’s a few months along. Very Biblically correct. Funny side note … six months ago, Carrie’s nemesis Shanna Moakler made a few cracks about the sexuality of Carrie’s future spawn.

In case you didn’t catch that, she’s married to Kyle Boller. So, in 20 years if you see a blonde kid who can throw a football 70 yards on his knees but can’t hit an open receiver from 10 yards away, there’s a good chance the name on the back of his jersey will say “Boller”.