Sarah Jessica Parker Isn’t Helping

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Sarah Jessica Parker attended the Empire State Pride Agenda event in NYC last night, and apparently she wasn’t there to haunt it, but “Winning Equality and Justice for

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender New Yorkers and Our Families” as their website says. They also want states to pass the Dignity for All Students Act to outlaw bullying. That’s cool. Legislating self-esteem seems like the way to go. So when a gay person joins the army, hopefully this law will make their drill sergeant sit everyone in a friendship circle and talk about feelings instead of all that yelling and bullying. Because nobody should be forced to grow stronger in character through the ridicule of others. They should have a zero tolerance policy on this epidemic. And when our prisons are overcrowded with 3rd graders and guys in dunk booths only then will people open their eyes to this travesty!