Russell Brand Is A Shrinking Violet

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Despite the fact that he’s 35, Russell Brand continues to act like a spoiled toddler who’s ingested a little too much Elmer’s. Last Sunday, he starred in his own version of Wedding Crashers, but without the humor or the naked girls. News of the World reported:

But around 11.30pm, the Hollywood star slipped away from his stag party pals to spend half-an-hour at the wedding reception of a couple who had got married earlier that day. Russell, due to marry pop star fiancee Katy Perry in India later this year, stole the limelight as he danced excitedly, at one point even hoisting one excited youngster onto his shoulders… But his impromptu appearance left eclipsed bride Pardeep Gill and groom Sumeet less than impressed. One guest told us: “Russell completely took over and was dancing away at the reception. The groom wasn’t very happy about the fact that the spotlight had been taken away from him and his new bride.

Most little girls dream about getting to marry the love of their life in a beautiful dress surrounded by flowers, family, and friends. I’m guessing among those fantasies, a self-indulgent asshole who’s more famous for his misdoings than his “talent” dancing around like an idiot is not on the list. Congratulations Katy Perry. Better you than me.

These pictures of Prince Charming were taken last night at the New York Film Festival premiere of The Tempest. Cute, huh?