Bristol Palin Is A Wonderful Mother

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Bristol Palin is famous because John McCain picked his VP candidate’s name out of a hat and because she got knocked up after not fully understanding what the word “abstinence” means. Now she’s on Dancing With The Stars. And her son calls the nanny mommy. National Enquirer reports:

The 19-year-old daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin uprooted her 21-month-old son, Tripp, from their home in Alaska to take part in the Hollywood celebrity dance competition – but until recently, she’s been spending very little time with him as she rehearses for the show, sources told The ENQUIRER. And baby daddy Levi Johnston is livid that she has allowed their son to be raised mostly by a nanny! “Tripp is now second to Bristol’s desire for fame and stardom,” said a close source. “Tripp is primarily being cared for by Bristol’s nanny in strange surroundings far from home.”

Bristol’s response?

I’m just like every other working mom: balancing work, raising my son and taking on a new, positive challenge.” Bristol added that Tripp is “healthy and doing great.”

Bristol Palin as an advocate for teen pregnancy prevention is like Dahmer being an advocate for the vegan lifestyle, so whatever. But wait, I thought the kid’s name was Trig? Who is this Tripp person? Are these two different kids? And if they are, which one is the retarded one? If it’s the one who looks like Jason Voorhees when he jumped out of the lake as a kid at the end of Part 1, who cares? Get one of those laser pointer things for cats and shine it on the wall, he’ll be all right.

“Working mom”, huh? So that’s what we’re calling this now?