Playboy Has Lost All Credibility

E! Online is reporting that juicehead cum dumpster JWoww might be posing for Playboy. Excuse me for a second while I gouge out my eyes.

So just how close is the Jersey Shore star to closing the deal to strip down for the mag—and just how undressed will she get? “Final offer is standing,” JWoww told me just the other day. “Hopefully, it will go through.” When is she looking to show off her nakedness? She smiled, “Winter.” In other words, it’s happening, people! JWoww smiled again, “I’d like to say so.” Still on the table is how much she’ll actually show. “I don’t know yet,” she said. “It hasn’t been talked about yet.”

JWoww is the most doable female cast member of Jersey Shore, but that’s like saying Lisa Bonet was the least black person on the Cosby Show. I mean, even with the magic of Photoshop, she looks like this, so unless Playboy now only caters to the blind, this probably isn’t their best idea. What’s next? Amy Winehouse as Playmate of the Month? At least she has a belly button.