Shelley Malil Is A Good Actor

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Shelley Malil was in court yesterday where he reenacted how he stabbed his ex-girlfriend 20 times by mistake. Repeat, 20 times. By mistake.

Malil, 45, slashed at the air quickly with the knife and said he swung his hands at “a hundred miles per hour” because he thought he was being attacked by Beebe’s male friend, according to NBC San Diego. “My head was down and I was poking and swinging as hard as I can, looking for space,” Malil said. “Like empty space, I was tumbling, I kept running back into the fence and I kept moving with my arm, and I kept bouncing into things.”

His head doesn’t look down to me, and he seems to have his form down pretty good, but who’s to say what happened? Either he thought she was the secret ingredient on the home version of Iron Chef or he really meant to kill this chick.