Will.i.am Is Offensive

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Since most people don’t know what the terms “racist” or “racism” mean, they throw it around when something offends them. Like this. Us Magazine reports:

When Black Eyed Peas bandleader Will.i.am joined Nicki Minaj during the VMA pre-show Sunday, outraged fans slammed the 35-year-old rapper for appearing in blackface. “Will.i.am. wearing blackface!? What a racist!” fakeart123 tweeted. Adds TSCMoncton, “Anyone notice that Will.i.am painted himself in blackface? I sure hope there’s some kind of meaning behind a stunt like that.”Will.i.am just sent us back 1,000 yrs… Really sir, #Blackface in front the grey ppl!” IAm_Danie wrote of his appearance. Snipes FrankieVtotheD, “And what the hell is going on with Will.i.am? Did he take a dip in the Gulf before the show? I didn’t know blackface was back in style.”

So to reiterate, a black guy painted his face black. A BLACK guy put on BLACK face paint. So this means he’s a racist. Against what exactly? White paint? I don’t get it.