Brad Pitt Can Do No Wrong

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Brad Pitt is in New Orleans, (looking very Robert Redford-like) to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and to discuss his work there since. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t care if he was there to torch the city, but damn it if his generosity of heart doesn’t make him sexier. There are a lot of critics out there bitching about how he’s overrated. I don’t know who these people are, nor do I want to, but they should all be sent to an alternate universe where Orlando Bloom is a sex symbol and Twilight is a good movie. This is Brad freakin Pitt my friends! A true man’s man. He’s been making panties wet since Thelma & Louise and is in a relationship with arguably the most beautiful woman in the world. He’s funny, has real talent, and a smile that makes me want to climb on him like a jungle gym. All other male celebrities should take note… except you Johnny Depp -you’re doing juuuust fine.