Elin Is Impatient

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Because really, a $100M divorce settlement can’t spend itself, you know.

Although it’s been nearly 9-months since the Tiger Woods cheating scandal exploded, the Swedish beauty is still furious with her estranged hubby, and can’t wait to divorce him, a source exclusively tells RadarOnline.com. Nordegren – who recently took a night class at a local college – is trying to separate herself from her shattered marriage, and has been taking a lot of bike rides lately, adds our source. Right now, Tiger and his mom have the couple’s two kids in the Orlando suburb of Windemere, Florida.

Man, a night class and bike trips? I really hope she gets over it. You know what might help? Getting a job. I don’t know if she’s heard about this new thing they do where they give you money for actually doing something. I know! I thought the same thing!