Snooki Is Suing

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Jersey Shore is about drunk idiots who go to bars and clubs to get drunker, so it wasn’t really surprising when Snooki got arrested for being a drunk bitch last month in Seaside Heights. I wonder if she was drunk when she thought of this.

Get ready for a war in Jersey — because TMZ has learned Snooki is launching a full-scale legal offensive over her messy arrest in Seaside Heights last month. Snooki’s lawyer is demanding that prosecutors turn over all of the evidence they plan to use against the “Jersey Shore” star in her disorderly conduct case … and that includes everything from witnesses to lab reports to photos and even video footage.

Ok, here’s the photos and the video is below, but lab reports? Are scientists involved? Wait, is she a Cro-Magnon that was unthawed then shaved? Did she escape her cage and try out for a reality show? Because that would make a lot of sense.