Joseph-Gordon Levitt Might Be The Riddler In Batman 3

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Christopher Nolan can absolutely no wrong, and now that Inception is done, he turns his now full attention to Batman 3. Which of course is now leading to widely speculative casting rumors. Cinematical reports:

First Showing has heard from a source who has laid eyes on a “casting grid” that names The Riddler as a character in Batman 3, and has Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name alongside the character as an “interested” actor. It’s important to know that Gordon-Levitt’s name on there is in no way confirmation that he’ll take the part, and more likely a reflection of the pervasive Internet rumors that said Nolan wanted Gordon-Levitt for the role– or at least a logical assumption that Gordon-Levitt is on the shortlist. It’s also worth noting that the Batman 3 script isn’t yet finished and there’s been no formal casting process whatsoever, so while the Riddler’s involvement in the third film may be assumed by lots of people, don’t ever stop expecting the Nolan brothers to switch things up at the last minute.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Joseph-Gordon Levitt fan (Mysterious Skin and Brick are two of my favorite movies), but isn’t Levitt just an undead version of Heath Ledger and isn’t The Riddler basically The Joker without the higher prescription dosage? There’s a reason I write for a low rent celebrity blog and don’t cast big-budget studio films, but what about Daniel-Day Lewis as Victor Zsasz? Or Bob Hoskins/Ben Kingsley as The Penguin? Or maybe throw in a curveball and cast Viggo Mortensen/Leonardo DiCaprio as Lex Luthor? Or better yet, my penis in Ashley Greene’s ass? All of these seem like pretty reasonable options to me.