They Got A 200% Raise

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If you’ve been laid off for a while and really need a job in this struggling economy, get an STD, radiation poisoning, and implants. MTV will give you $30,000 an episode.

The Hollywood Reporter

The cast of “Jersey Shore” is near a deal for a substantial pay increase. Though the group’s contract negotiations have held up production on season “2.5” of the series, which is scheduled to commence shooting this week, sources tell THR a deal is very close. The cast initially asked the network for $30,000 per episode — a 200% raise. MTV is countering with a number that’s close to that figure, and at least a couple key members of the cast are expected to accept by the end of the day. Though the production delay is holding up resumption of the current 24-episode season (which includes filming in Florida and New Jersey), the salary increase may not kick into effect until a presumed third season. Some say MTV was only interested in keeping Snooki, The Situation, JWoww and Pauly D. But another source counters MTV firmly wanted to keep the cast intact and that all are expected to return.

Please take a look at the banner picture. Stare at it. As you do, please realize that the people in that picture will be making $720,000 to get drunk and pretend to be Italian. The one on the left might also get paid more depending on how many Wonka bars she makes. So today when the police taser you and ask you why you opened fire in a tanning salon, be sure to show them this post. They’ll help you reload.