Yeah, This Is A Good Idea

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Since God does not exist and Satan has spent the last ten years as head of programming at MTV, the 3rd season of Jersey Shore was set to begin shooting. That is, until the cast thought it would be a good idea to hold out for a better deal because apparently bronzer and hair gel cost more than the Hope Diamond now.TMZ reports:

The cast was supposed to begin shooting “at home” scenes today for season three, but we’re told JWoww, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D and Vinny — who are spread out between New York and Rhode Island — told the crews they weren’t shooting without new contracts. The Situation and Snooki are supposed to shoot tomorrow, and we’re told Snooki plans to do the same. No word yet on The Situation, but as we first reported … he’s having contract issues of his own.

Sources close to the show tell TMZ the cast feels they can make more money doing appearances for two months, rather than filming the show.

If MTV even pauses to consider this, I will personally adopt an Iraqi kid and raise it to believe that MTV is a woman who tried to vote in a miniskirt while cheating on her husband. Man, because the world might spin off its axis if we don’t have 30 minutes of Mario and Luigi taking shots of tequila and penicillin every week. Snookie looks like Oswald Cobblepot fucked an Ewok in a tanning bed, what’s she holding out for? Free liposuction and stilts? Pauly D looks like he should have a twin in Alice In Wonderland and what’s the deal with The Situation’s fucked up looking abs? Did Picasso paint them on? They look like somebody dropped an actual six-pack and threw a blanket over it. Basically what I’m saying is, die. Thanks.