Oksana Might Have Tampered With The Tapes

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In what can only be a desperate last attempt at damage control, Mel Gibson’s lawyers claim they have “hard evidence” that Oksana Grigorieva edited and tampered with the secretly recorded phone calls between her and Mel Gibson. Basically, they’re trying to make the tapes inadmissible in court.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department will have to authenticate the tapes before sending the case to the D.A.’s Office, and that could take time. As we first reported, Mel’s lawyers will be presenting evidence to the Sheriff’s Department and we’re told among the evidence they will present — that the tapes have been altered. We’re told Mel’s lawyers will present “concrete forensic evidence” of tampering with the tapes, including editing. Oksana’s attorneys tell TMZ, “We are not aware of any presentation Gibson’s lawyers are making, but we are not surprised they would make such unfounded claims.” TMZ broke the story … Oksana’s lawyers will be in court this morning asking a family law judge to strip Mel of custody of their daughter, using the tapes as evidence Mel is a danger to the child. The authenticity of the tapes will almost certainly be raised by Mel’s attorneys. A judge will admit tapes into evidence only if someone can authenticate that the tapes are true and correct copies of what was actually recorded.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter if the tapes are inadmissible or not. Mostly because the judge and the entire world knows that Mel Gibson is a raving lunatic, hellbent on finding new ways to incorporate the words “cunt” and “whore” into every sentence. And we’ve all heard the tapes, what exactly did she edit? Her Facebook privacy settings? It all sounds pretty fluid and limpid to me. Unless Oksana Grigorieva found a software that turns conversations about kittens and skipping through meadows into death threats because you didn’t get a blowjob, Mel Gibson’s lawyers might want to try a new strategy.