IDLYITW News: News All Around

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There’s a lot of crap going on right now, so instead of boring you with a bunch of nonsensical posts, I thought I’d drop it all into one. What? “A bunch of nonsensical posts”? Yes, I know that’s what the site is already! Why don’t you….well, if you think…oh, just leave me alone!!

IDLYITW T-Shirt Model Contest is now closed: I’d like to thank everyone who disappointed their fathers and sent in pics for the t-shirt contest. We got so many emails that I needed to hire ten Haitian kids to help me pick the winners, but they just ended up beating their computers with sticks and worshiping the light switch. Maybe that was a bad idea. In the end, some of our submissions included emails from an Ivy-league member of a feminist group, a country singer/model, a paramedic, an entire sorority house, a pagan who is involved in the PTA, a pair of twins, a mother/daughter team, a professional dance instructor, a college cheerleader, a horror movie scream queen who is getting her MBA, two chicks who have been in Maxim, my ex-girlfriend, and a porn star. As soon as the final results are tallied, I’ll post the winners. As you can see, the banner is of my unrequited love, Kasey. Seriously, five separate things in this picture make me want to call my mother and a wedding planner.

Sophie Turner agreed to an interview: Through the magic of Facebook and email, I asked Sophie Turner if she would give the site an interview. She agreed. Surprisingly, she’s really cool and actually really funny. But we really don’t care about that, do we?

I’m taking questions: I get emails everyday asking me random questions. Too many times these emails get mixed up with my eHarmony and penis enlargement emails, so to keep them organized (and to let you share in my pain) I started a Formspring (better, jackass?) HERE. So feel free to ask a question, and I promise I will answer. As it says, ask me anything. Questions about your life? Will you get that promotion? Is your sister a dead lay? What’s up with that black guy? Ask me now!