George Steinbrenner Died

I have always been and will always be an Atlanta Braves fan, but as a fan, you have to appreciate an owner who is willing to throw armored trucks of money at players just to win. Unlike Jerry Richardson who heaps untold millions on a quarterback who passes out interceptions like Tic-Tacs and a linebacker who needs a Garmin to find the field (I’m looking at you, Dan Morgan). Or hires a coach who sits on a lead like a damn egg and whose offensive playbook consists draw plays and punts. So basically what I’m saying is, fuck you Panthers!

Dan Morgan’s voicemail greeting:
Hi, this is Dan Morgan. I’m not in right now but if….Hi. This is Dan Morgan. Please leave your name and num…hi. This is Dan Morgan. I’m either way from my phone or I….Hi. This Dan Morgan. Please *BEEP*”