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So just a quick update to let anybody who cares know that we have a new Facebook page now. It was deleted under mysterious circumstances that have yet to be fully explained. Mysterious circumstances that can’t be explained much like Edgar Allen Poe’s death or how I talked that Brazilian model into having sex with me when I was 18. It’s still under construction, mostly because I’m lazy, but it’s up. So like it. Or don’t. Do I have to make every decision for you people?! You’re smothering me, man!

Note: The banner pic is of the insanely hot, Kasey. I only mention this, because my penis just did a recount, and she’s the frontrunner in the IDLYITW T-Shirt Model Contest (it’s an actual contest, you see). So I hope she likes modeling t-shirts for no money. I also hope she likes modeling a princess cut diamond in front of her family and friends, because I think I might be in love.