Happy 4th!

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Today marks the 234th year of freedom for slave-owning, white aristocrats who didn’t want to pay their taxes, so as you celebrate the successful occupation of the lower half of North America, please do so responsibly. In the spirit of the holiday, you wouldn’t want to do anything illegal.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, our Facebook has been shut down due to violating terms of use. It all happened three days after we announced the IDLYITW T-Shirt Model Contest, so you can draw your own conclusions. Until we get another one up and running, your best bet is to follow us on Twitter, where you can see me talk to hot girls who never reply to me and ask Justin Bieber what it was like to fight Captain Hook. Twitter is a little harder to take down by 12-year old girls’ moms and dudes who need to get back on their medication.

UPDATE: I’ve been getting inundated with requests from chicks to make IDLYITW boyshorts as well as t-shirts. So again, we’ll need models. If you want your ass on the Internet, feel free to show us what you got and that ass on the Internet may be yours! (send all pics to editor@idontlikeyouinthatway.com)

I won’t be back until Tuesday, so if you want to read celebrity gossip and look at tits, please wipe the barbecue sauce and sunscreen off your hands long enough to check out these sites:

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