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UPDATE II: This will be closed for submissions on Friday, July 9th.

UPDATE: My inbox looks like a breast augmentation photo gallery right now. If you sent me an email asking me why your pic isn’t on FB, it’s because you did not give me permission to do so. Yes, I know, but that thing with your sister was different.

Yeah so, IDLYITW is toying with the idea of designing t-shirts for the site. I assume no guy would wear them unless he wanted his ass kicked, but what do you ladies think? Before we start moving on this bitch, we need to know if anybody would actually want to buy them. I posted this on Facebook yesterday and the response was a resounding yes as long as I make V-necks, spaghetti straps, camisoles and other girly crap, but we thought we’d cover all our bases here. If we get rolling on this thing, we’ll do prizes nd giveaways, so if you’d be interested, let us know in the comments. And anybody who sends in a pic with them wearing the shirt will be featured on the site if they want. If you aren’t, go shit in your hand because you are a miserable human being and God hates you. I’m just kidding, I love you. I’m not really sure about God. Now seriously, let us know in the comments.

Note: I also asked if anyone would be willing to model them for a free-shirt, and again, the answer was a resounding and erection-inducing yes. The banner pic is of a reader named Jennifer who couldn’t wait and wanted to start right away. If want to begin your journey to a free t-shirt and my free judgment of your boobs right away like Jennifer did, please email us at [email protected]