Amy Locane Got Drunk, Killed Somebody

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90’s actress Amy Locane, who starred in Melrose Place and Cry Baby with Johnny Depp, has been charged with second-degree vehicular homicide after she got drunk and struck the passenger side of a 2010 Mercury Milan as it was turning into a driveway. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. reports:

Locane, who told police she had drunk several glasses of wine before driving Sunday evening, was also charged with third-degree assault by auto. Prior to the 9 p.m. crash that killed a passenger in another car and seriously injured the car’s driver in Montgomery, north of Princeton, Locane was involved in hit-and-run at a Princeton intersection, authorities say. She allegedly rear-ended the car, but when the other driver phoned police, Locane got in her SUV and drove off, knocking down several mailboxes.

To recap, Amy Locane had a few bottles of wine, hit a car, drove off, starting playing mailbox baseball with her grill, then killed somebody as they were pulling out of their driveway. Ironically, her husband is a “wine educator”. I’m not really sure what that entails exactly, but when your wife becomes the angel of death after she has a few glasses, maybe you should restructure the syllabus. Lesson #1 “That’s enough you drunk bitch.”

Hey, if Amy needs a lawyer, she should hire Sophie Turner. She should also hire Megan Fox. I don’t know how Sophie Turner and Megan Fox making out in front of the judge will help, but it has to be better than telling the judge you were in Airheads. That’s not gonna help anyone.