Oh Boo Hoo

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The accepted racist BET Awards were last night, and of course they had to do a Michael Jackson tribute. He was a drug-addicted pedophile who thankfully died of his own excesses and inabilities to face reality, and sure, his music was okay, but to reiterate, he fondled little boys. Repeatedly. Giving a standing ovation to this freak is like giving a standing ovation to Leatherface because he made good barbecue. Anyway, my point is, Chris Brown did the tribute. Chris Brown. The guy who did this. Then said this. He also jumped at the chance to make last night all about when he conveniently cried like a bitch during Man In The Mirror. So, in conclusion, a violent woman beater paid tribute to a creepy child molester. Good, times. The only ovation that should have happened is when the molotov cocktails landed on stage.