Sarah Jessica Parker Is Right

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I assume it’s hard to be self-aware when you look like a petrified mummy yet are constantly praised by lonely, bitter women everywhere as a “unique beauty” and a fashion icon because you can afford to pay a stylist, but Sarah Jessica Parker seems to understand. E! reports:

Sex and the City has never shied away from showing skin—especially breasts. But don’t ask Sarah Jessica Parker to join in on the nakedness…”You don’t want to see me topless,” Parker, 45, told me with a laugh from New York City, where she’s been promoting Sex and the City 2. “You really don’t.”

When you star in a movie about four oversexed cougars and Charlotte Davis is supposed to be the “hot” one, you might want to ask the bartender to make your Metamucil a double then reflect on your life. The cast looks like something Indiana Jones has to fight to get something that belongs in a museum. If you saw this banner picture walking toward you in real life, you have to double check to make sure you weren’t in the Monroeville Mall.