Bristol Palin Is A Good Role Model

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Bristol Palin was in New York City to promote National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, but that was before she found out underage chicks could get into 1Oak. Gatecrasher reports:

Miss Palin may have spent Wednesday morning celebrating the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy — but she spent Wednesday evening fretting that her cover would be blown at NYC hot spot 1Oak. “Bristol was there around 1 a.m. with friends,” a partygoer says. “She was trying to have fun, but she looked like she was terrified that people would recognize her and start gawking. It seems like she couldn’t even relax.” A second denizen of the club backed up the sighting. We can’t blame Bristol for being nervous: After spending all day at events like “The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All” — and tirelessly promoting her new good-girl image — showing up at a 21-and-over venue may not have been the best idea. “For me personally, [abstinence] is the answer,” she smiled sweetly at the daytime event. “And for teens out there, yeah, having sex has consequences, no matter how safe you are.”

I don’t know what underage girls partying in NYC club at 1am in the morning means, but I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with teen pregnancy.