Shut The Hell Up

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After fleeing the country to avoid sentencing after pleading guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year old girl, Roman Polanski lived a carefree life in France for 33 years until he was arrested in Zurich on September 26, 2009 to await his extradition back to the United States. Saying his extradition “is founded on a lie”, Polanski released a statement yesterday confirming why he should be chained to a boulder and dropped into the Gulf of Texaco.

Throughout my seven months since September 26, 2009, the date of my arrest at Zurich Airport, where I had landed with a view to receiving a lifetime award for my work from the representative of the Swiss Minister of Culture, I have refrained from making any public statements and have requested my lawyers to confine their comments to a bare minimum. I wanted the legal authorities of Switzerland and the United States, as well as my lawyers, to do their work without any polemics on my part. I have decided to break my silence in order to address myself directly to you without any intermediaries and in my own words.

I can now remain silent no longer!

I can no longer remain silent because the United States continues to demand my extradition more to serve me on a platter to the media of the world than to pronounce a judgment concerning which an agreement was reached 33 years ago.

I can remain silent no longer because I have been placed under house arrest in Gstaad and bailed in very large sum of money which I have managed to raise only by mortgaging the apartment that has been my home for over 30 years, and because I am far from my family and unable to work. Such are the facts I wished to put before you in the hope that Switzerland will recognize that there are no grounds for extradition, and that I shall be able to find peace, be reunited with my family, and live in freedom in my native land.

Man, you know who else couldn’t remain silent? The 13-year old California girl who repeatedly begged you to stop while you drugged her then vaginally and anally raped her. If justice were any sort of real thing, instead of ordering dolphin lasagna and poached penguin eggs from room service, you’d have a car battery powered by Lance Armstrong hooked up to your nuts.