Kill It With Fire

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Sarah Jessica Parker has always been a natural beauty, and although that’s never been true, she is now making sure villagers want to chase her to the mill. Daily Mail reports:

Stepping out in New York last week, it appeared the actress was looking skinnier than ever amid reports she has lost a stone and dropped two dress sizes in recent months. The 45-year-old’s usually toned arms were replaced by sinewy arms and bulging veins as she walked her son James Wilkie to school. Despite her busy lifestyle, friends of the star are claiming she has become ‘obsessed’ with dieting and gym, leading her to drop even more pounds. The 5ft 3in star is said to have dropped from 7 1/2 stone to 6 1/2 stone, meaning she has a BMI of just 16.1 – considerably under the healthy range minimum of 18.5.

Filming Sex And The City last September, Parker cut a healthy size 8 (US size 4) frame, but is now thought to be a size 4 (US size 0). A friend claims in the new issue of Closer magazine: ‘She’s always been health conscious, but this is a whole new level. ‘She’s worried she’s looking old and feels she needs to up her workout regime to stay healthy, but it’s as though she’s become obsessed.

Please keep in mind that the banner pic is going to me the main character in Sex And The City 2. A movie about how every successful man in NYC wants to bang this hag. If Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t have a brain in her hand and doesn’t say, “Send…more…paramedics…”, I don’t think there’s hydraulic jack big enough to fix my suspension of disbelief.