This Got A DUI

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I can see how having my reality show get canceled after one season because one of the guys I kicked off pulled out his wife’s teeth and chopped her up into little pieces and stuffed her in a suitcase might be hard. Especially if you’re an attention whore. Good thing Megan Hauserman has a plan B.

Former VH1 reality star Megan Hauserman was arrested for DUI yesterday — after cops pulled her over around 3:15 AM in Miami Beach. Hauserman — whose dating show “Megan Wants a Millionaire” was canceled after one of the contestants, Ryan Jenkins, allegedly killed his wife and then himself — was busted as she made her way to a strip club where she is currently employed. Law enforcement tells TMZ cops observed Hauserman in a black 2008 BMW, weaving between lanes. She then accelerated to 75MPH (in a 55MPH zone) so cops pulled her over. Cops say she had bloodshot, watery eyes, a strong odor of alcohol, and slurred speech. She told cops she had been “filming a TV show and was tired.” She blew a .102 on her Breathalyzer test and was taken into custody. Hauserman was released early this morning — after nearly 24 hours behind bars.

A .102? What was she drinking, a Miller Lite? She needs to step it up. Once blew a .617 and still used an invisibility cloak to escape the police. My grandma rolled a 45 and killed me in hit points, but whatever. We try to keep our Dungeons and Dragons games a little more realistic.